Is Britney a Shopaholic?

Britney was looking good (minus the leg warmers) as she headed to the dance studio again. Looks like all that working out is paying off. Most of those hours she used to spend at the clubs are now spent engaged in more healthy activities. Some people are worried that her shopping habit is filling the substance void a little too easily. InTouch Weekly is reporting that she's spent $60,000 on wigs, hats, jewelry and clothes in the last week alone! Here's more:

“People with addictions often go from one compulsive behavior to another,” Dr. Robert Butterworth, who hasn’t treated Spears, told the mag. And a “friend” added: “She has turned into a shopaholic.”

“She’s acting like a child,” addiction specialist Clare Waismann — who doesn’t treat Spears — told ITW. “This is not normal behavior. Her whole demeanor is strange. She’s not doing well.”

After seeing that weird video she made us think she is still in some need of help however retail therapy is way better than whatever she was doing before rehab! We're just happy to see her getting back in shape and we're still ignoring rumors that she's doing it any other way than what we see here -- hitting the dance studio and working on her moves.






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