For the second time this week, there was a dramatic scene at Britney's house. After not sleeping at all Tuesday night, Britney spent her Wednesday around LA with her entourage, dining with Adnan and fighting publicly with Sam. From there, the details are fuzzy, but things went downhill. What we know is that there are cops and helicopters at her house right now along with more photographers than usual. According to TMZ, rumors of a suicide attempt are untrue, but there is a psychiatrist at the house along with Lynne, Adnan, Sam and Alli who are fighting and trying once again to have Britney temporarily put under psychiatric care. Britney herself is said to be "out of it" and "unresponsive." We'll keep you updated as the story develops.

Update: Apparently it was Brit's psychiatrist who called the cops to help deal with the situation. Ambulances arrived on the scene and she is on her way to the hospital right now. Once again, she is there on a 5150 hold, meaning she has been deemed a danger to herself or others.

Update #2: According to TMZ, tonight was intricately planned out including clearing airspace as they transport Britney to the hospital. Britney was apparently not resistant to going, and we can only imagine how out of it she was after days without sleep. Tensions sound high among Sam, Lynne and Adnan. During this 72 hour stay she can't be forced to take medication, but supposedly the plan is for her Dr. to go to court and request that she be kept an additional 14 days to be treated.