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Kevin's Lawyer Is Sick of Britney's Excuses

Dec 18 2007 - 8:56am

After Britney skipped out on her deposition (and then proceeded to leave her house late at night [1]) last week, Kevin Federline's lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan was ready to take action [2] and didn't want Britney to have any more allowances. Now we're hearing that he's planning to go to court today [3] to talk to the judge about Britney's behavior. Supposedly he may ask that Britney's custody privileges be revoked until she sits for the deposition, and may try to prevent Britney's lawyers to get Kevin's deposition until Britney gives hers. He also wants to push back the hearing to determine custody of the kids and whether or not Britney can drive the boys again from January to April [4].


On a happier note for Brit, even though her album dropped off the charts pretty quickly [5], she came in at No. 1 [6] on a Billboard poll for best album of the year. The results were determined by visitors of Billboard.com [7], so it sounds like Britney still has a large base of loyal fans to rely on despite her trainwreck of a year [8].

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