Britney Steals a New Hairdo

Before her all night music video shoot, Britney Spears spent time with her boys and her puppy yesterday. Awww — little Sean Preston wasn't having much fun while his mom was distracted by her BlackBerry, which was probably ringing off the hook as she kept her dancers waiting 12 hours. Apparently that was partially because Kevin is sick of her constant requests for time changes and refused to reschedule her visit with the kids.

Speaking of her demanding behavior, according to Us, Britney had a tantrum in the Hustler store in LA recently when they refused to let her try on underwear in the dressing room. In response, she stripped down in the middle of the store instead and stole a wig off a store mannequin on her way out. The ridiculous stories surrounding the pop star don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon, but at least we can look on the bright side and be relieved that she's not actually pregnant.




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