Sean Preston was pretty konked out driving around with Britney last night. Look how sleepy he is! Unfortunately, as these photos were taken of her playing with her phone and driving, Britney ran right through a red light. TMZ's got the video and something tells me Kevin's lawyers will make sure it shows up in court soon. Brit's been more about the in car photo ops than the red carpet recently, but according to OK! she wanted to break that streak earlier this week by showing up unannounced at the Maxim party. However, when a friend clued her in that she was recently included on their (completely despicable) unsexiest list, Britney wisely decided to skip the soiree and seemed pretty upset by the news. After another hard week, I'm sure that the unsexy thing was just icing on the cake. Maybe they were just bitter she decided not to make her big hot comeback photoshoot on their pages?

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