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Britney Wants To Remind Us That She's A Musician

Britney Wants To Remind Us That She's A Musician

Britney was still attached at the hip with Criss in LA on Monday. The new rumor about them is they did hook up, Criss is mostly using Brit for publicity (duh) and ignores her when they go out. Also, that the VMA performance isn't as illusion-filled as we've been hearing - thanks for nothing, Criss. We're only days away from seeing for ourselves, but new tracks are still being "leaked" all the time. Rumor has it that these songs (I assume other than Gimme More, which is her legit single) were recorded back in 2005 and were never going to make the new album. Instead, Vibe records just wanted to create buzz, get Britney fans used to her new sound...and most of all excited to have her back!

Yesterday in Brit's Legal world, she was granted a continuance in her custody battle meaning their next hearing isn't until November. Plus, there will be no endangerment charges brought against the pop tart by child services. Unfortunately her bodyguard isn't as lucky - he is having charges pressed against him for hitting a paparazzi in Vegas at the end of July.



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