Oh, Britney. While every night seems to have its own set of Brit Brit surprises, this weekend's series of events are even more bizarre than ever. Late Friday night she made a Rite Aid run with her trunk wide open to buy things for her boys, and from there it only got weirder. Saturday night she was out again with her new assistant, driving around with seemingly no destination, stopping frequently at public restrooms, talking with a British accent, fighting on the phone with Sam, demanding time in the recording studio at that very moment, and choosing one young paparazzi photographer to be her companion for the night. She requested him by name and ended up spending the night until the wee hours of the morning with him at a room in the Peninsula. Of course, she changed her outfit many times throughout. OK! has the blow-by-blow and it's really not pretty.

For further visual, TMZ has video of her jumping out of her car to take photos of a random mural, yelling at the paparazzi, losing her camera memory card and recovering it within minutes. For real, are you kidding me? Who knows what has triggered this especially erratic behavior, but I can't imagine the Jamie Lynn announcement (especially not knowing about it beforehand) was easy. While Britney's bad "hair" seems minor in the end, let's just hope that she doesn't close out the year with something that could win that shocking headline's poll.

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