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BritneyWorld: It's Not Where The Rest of us Reside

Apr 25 2007 - 5:16pm

Britney tooled around Hollywood in a (ahem) slightly revealing top this week. Judging from your comments, I don't think it's too much of a stretch to say you all are a little bit sick of Miss Brit around here, but what can I say, the girl is impossible to avoid. Plus, come on, she's a little bit (a teeny tiny bit?) intriguing to watch. So here's a run down of what's going on in BritWorld today -- because lord knows it's not the world the rest of us are living in.

InTouch is reporting [1] that Brit is drinking again, but only wine because that totally doesn't count. Plus, impressionable blonde pop star guru, Joe Simpson is bored with his own less-messed-up-these-days daughters and wants to council Brit Brit. [2] Yeah, all that sounds likely. On a slightly more believable note, Brit's apparently cutting everyone from her past [3] out of her life, family included. Hey, no one ever said she made wise personal decisions.

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