Brooke Burke showed off her precious baby, Heaven Rain, in LA this weekend. Now that she's hard at work on Wild On Mommydom! her wedding plans may be slightly on the backburner, but that's certainly not the case 'round these parts. It's trivia time again and this week today it's (surprise!) Celebrity Wedding Themed. Should be a toughie! So click here to come and play at 12 PM Pacific Time today! PopSugar T-Shirts for all the winners! Wheee!

Also, in case you somehow missed it (and if you have, sorry, here it is again), wedding season is fast approaching and the Sugar Network is here to cover all the different parts. This week is Engagement week -- which all the sites are covering in their own ways. This is only the beginning, though, so stay tuned as we take you from the ring to the honeymoon!