Brooklyn Decker Pictures in a Bikini While in Sydney

Brooklyn Decker Dons Her Bikini During a Break From Battleship

Brooklyn Decker got some sun in her bikini by the pool in Australia.

Brooklyn Decker rose early today to get some sun on the roof of her Sydney hotel. Brooklyn Decker was in a bikini for the rest and relaxation session, which came amid a busy period of sightseeing with her girlfriends and the cast of her action movie Battleship. Yesterday, Brooklyn spent Easter walking around the city with her pals Erin Andrews and Chrissy Teigen. Chrissy and Erin took a flight on Thursday to spend the long weekend with Brooklyn. The girls photographed their adventures, and Chrissy even tweeted about watching TV while Brooklyn and Erin worked out.

Brooklyn was back to taking in the scenery this evening when she and her cast mates took a boat ride around Sydney's harbor. She and Rihanna were able to catch up, and Chrissy and Erin were even able to go along for the ride. Promotion for Battleship has taken Rihanna, Brooklyn, and their cast to Australia after an Asian tour that included stops in Japan and South Korea.