Brooklyn Decker Pictures at the Launch of MyHabit

Brooklyn Decker Talks Summer Plans and Outer-Borough Living at a Launch With Vanessa Hudgens

Brooklyn Decker Talks Summer Plans and Outer-Borough Living at a Launch With Vanessa Hudgens

Brooklyn Decker and Vanessa Hudgens teamed up last night for the launch of at NYC's Skylight West studios. The ladies braved the rain to show their support for the new shopping site, and we were able to snag a few minutes with both actresses to find out their Summer fashion essentials and what they have planned for the coming months. Vanessa, who jetted in after a stay in Cannes, commented that she's done with traveling for the time being. Vanessa said, "I just went to Cabo, I went to Paris, I went to London. I was in Cannes. So I'm done for a second! I just want to be home." Brooklyn also flew into the Big Apple after doing karaoke for charity in LA on Tuesday night. The Just Go With It star was happy to chat her lack of vacation plans, her excitement for Battleship's 2012 release, and also revealed that she lives in her namesake borough — Brooklyn! Brooklyn told us:

  • On her Summer plans: "Working most likely! I’ve been spending a lot of time in Los Angeles, which is new for me. So hopefully working on my next project. And we have some down the pipeline that are potentially starting late Summer/early Fall, so hopefully something soon."
  • On possibly taking a Summer vacation: "No! I never vacation. I’m too restless for it. But I’m going to Austin, TX, tomorrow, where I lived for a time, and that for me, is my vacation. So I’ll go there tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll get to spend some time there. Yeah, it’ll be fun!"
  • On actually living in Brooklyn: "I live in DUMBO. I love it. I live in Brooklyn, I love it out there. Everything is independently owned, there are no chains. I love it."
  • On getting excited for Battleship coming out next Summer: "We hope it will be a big movie for the Summer. So, I’m sure we’re going to start doing promos and all that good stuff probably late Fall, early next year. But it’s weird – you finish it in December and you invest so much into it, and then you wait a year and a half for it to come out — so it’s a lot of waiting time! . . . I’m really excited. I love our cast so much and the experience was the best work experience I’ve ever had."
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