Brooklyn Decker Women's Health Cover May 2012 Pictures

Brooklyn Decker Bares Her Body in Bikini Bottoms

Brooklyn Decker posed on the cover of Women's Health.

Brooklyn Decker shows off her abs and sunny smile on the cover of Women's Health. She's promoting her upcoming action movie, Battleship, and chatted with the magazine for their May issue. Brooklyn talked about her husband Andy Roddick and shared how she fits in workouts with her busy schedule. Here's more from Brooklyn in Women's Health:

  • On her husband: "Being married to Andy has given me a new appreciation for my body. He’s taught me that it’s not how thin you are that matters. It’s how your body performs, how it endures wear and tear."
  • On her crazy schedule: "[I'm in] a state of perpetual jet lag, which means there are days when working out is the last thing I want to do. If I stop wanting to work out, then I'm going to be in some serious trouble."
  • On model Marisa Miller: "When I was a rookie in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Marisa had already been in it for years. But unlike a lot of models who get very territorial, Marisa rooted for the new girls. If there was a job she couldn’t do, she’d pass it on to me. That’s real grace."