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Bruce & Ashton Are Both Out of Their 20s (Just by Slightly Different Amounts)

Feb 6 2008 - 12:11am

Ashton Kutcher may be turning 30 tomorrow, but he's never too old to beat up on his wife's ex-husband Bruce Willis. Of course, it's just play fighting and the two men are really seriously good friends. Food for thought though, who would even win in a fight? Even being 22 years Ashton's senior, Bruce is pretty burly. The whole family — Demi, Ashton, Bruce, the girls — all went out for a little pre-birthday lunch in LA this week showing off just how buddy-buddy dad and step-dad are. While I'm especially excited to see Ashton back on the big screen with Cameron in What Happens In Vegas [1], his family man side [2] is about as endearing as it gets.


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