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Busy Picnics With Tracy Reese and Friends and Talks Award-Season Memories With Michelle

Busy Picnics With Tracy Reese and Friends and Talks Award-Season Memories With Michelle

Busy Philipps, Kate Mara, Emma Roberts, and Mena Suvari turned up at the Viceroy hotel in Santa Monica this afternoon for a luncheon hosted by Clos du Bois wines and fashion designer Tracy Reese. Tracy unveiled her new "Chic Picnique" picnic basket, lined in one of her signature prints, in partnership with the winemaker at the event. She also outfitted her celeb friends in attendance in some of her latest Spring looks. We caught up with Busy during the afternoon soiree to talk about what's next for Laurie on Cougar Town and to hear about some of her favorite award-season adventures with her good friend Michelle Williams. Check out some highlights from our chat:

PopSugar: How's the show going?
Busy Philipps: It's great. We're done for the season. We're done filming. We were so excited for it to come back on the air, and now we're just hoping that more people start figuring out that we're on Tuesday nights at 8:30, and tuning in.
PS: That's always hard, though, when you switch times.
BP: It's the worst, it's terrible. And I really feel sad about it. I wish that more people were tuning in . . . You know, we are a show like Community that has loyal, hardcore fans and for that I am so grateful. It's amazing to be a part of something that people feel so strongly about. We just want to reach the other 85 percent of the population. I hope that they tune in!
PS: And what about Laurie's new boyfriend? What will happen with that as the season goes on?
BP: We're going to see him via Skype and we have a pretty intense connection. And then, he may or may not show up at the end. In real life, in person.
PS: You and Michelle obviously had a busy award season. What was the most fun part memory or event you two attended?
BP: The Golden Globes night was really, really, fun. It was fun because she won. And then, honestly Oscars night was incredibly fun. And we had a great time and we were out very, very, very, very, very late — or early. Which, for two moms, is a big deal. It's funny that that's like, what we are now . . . because we became friends when we were in our very early 20s. It's a totally different lifestyle, but occasionally we get to relive those moments of our early 20s together.

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