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Cameron Diaz Puts In Back-to-Back Days on Set Amid New Costar News

Apr 30 2013 - 10:21am

Cameron Diaz [1] got to work on the set of her film The Other Woman again today after braving the NYC rain yesterday during filming. She left her trailer in a casual gray sweater and leggings, a wardrobe shift from yesterday's long black rain jacket and umbrella. Cameron stars alongside Leslie Mann and model Kate Upton in the comedy, and it was recently announced that another new star will join her on set. Nicki Minaj will make her film debut [2] in the movie, which follows the perils of an affair in which "the other woman," played by Cameron, teams up with her suitor's other mistresses and his wife to get revenge. Nicki will reportedly play Cameron's legal assistant.

While Cameron is stationed in the city for work, she's been able to show support for important offscreen initiatives as well. Last week, Cameron went casual at The Standard Hotel [3] to attend the Greenhouse Project Benefit, which raises money for science labs in urban schools.

Cameron Diaz [4] wore rain gear on her NYC set.

Cameron Diaz [5] left her trailer while on the set of The Other Woman.

Cameron Diaz [6] braved the rain in NYC to get to work on her film The Other Woman.

Cameron Diaz [7] grabbed a drink between takes on the set of The Other Woman on Tuesday.

Cameron Diaz [8] wore a long rain jacket in NYC.

Cameron Diaz [9] got back to work in NYC on Tuesday for The Other Woman.

Cameron Diaz [10] was on The Other Woman set in NYC on Tuesday.

Camerona Diaz made her way out of her trailer in NYC on Tuesday.

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