Cameron Diaz Pictures in Harper's Bazaar UK

Cameron Diaz Talks Loving Gwyneth and the Many Charms of British Men

Cameron Diaz on the cover of Harper's Bazaar UK June 2012.
Photo courtesy Tom Munro for Harper’s Bazaar UK

Cameron Diaz strikes a sexy pose for the June 2012 cover of Harper's Bazaar UK. The full feature appears in the June issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK, which is on sale Thursday, May 3. Her next movie, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, will be out in the US next month. In the picture, Cameron plays a mother-to-be. She spoke about having kids in real life with the magazine and also touched on how she's happy with her life at the present. Cameron also spoke about her connection with pal Gwyneth Paltrow and even dished on the charms of British men. Click through to see more Cameron in the magazine, and here are highlights from Cameron Diaz in Harper's Bazaar UK:

  • On why she loves British men: "I love their sense of humour and the sense of chivalry and charm. It's something that is innately a part of the culture — we don't have that over here, it's not the same in America."
  • On her friendship with Gwyneth: "We became very close after my dad's death. She reached out and it was very sweet. We bonded on that . . . They (Martin/Paltrow) are exceptional people. We have known each other because we have been in the business for the same amount of time."
  • On being happy with the present: "I'm not sitting there going 'Oh my god, when am I going to get married? When am I going to have a baby?' I would be remiss if I was living my life wishing I had something other than what I have. If one day, I am blessed with the experience of having a child, I would be overjoyed, but I am not sitting here feeling empty because I haven't yet, or that I may not."
  • On her friends and family: "I'm a nurturer to all my friends. I don't feel alone in the world. I have so many friends, more friends who are like me (without children) than not. I also have girlfriends who have kids, and I have strong relationships with their children and my nieces and nephews. My happiest moments are when I'm with my friends — and I consider them to be my greatest wealth. They are my crown jewels."

Photos courtesy Tom Munro for Harper’s Bazaar UK