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Cameron Has a Nose for Girl Talk

Single life seems to be looking very good on Ms Diaz. Besides getting in plenty of workouts, Cameron has definitely been clocking in the girl time. She and BFF Drew jetted off to Hawaii but made it back in time to hit the Oscar parties. Apparently she and Jennifer Aniston bonded over their plastic surgeon, Raj Kanodia. He prettied up both their noses. In fact, Cameron was overheard saying, he gave her “the nose my nose always wanted to be." Hopefully she won't break it again with all the surfing she's been doing lately!

Cameron also bonded with Elisha Cuthbert who was the inspiration for JT's hit song What Goes Around Comes Around. The story is inspired by Justin's BFF, Trace Alaya and Elisha's relationship. As expected she was upset with how the story was one sided. Being the girl's girl that she is, Cameron reassured her she "was only an inspiration."





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