Cameron showed off her amazing stems on the set of What Happens In Vegas yesterday. Her social life seems to be keeping her happy in between breaks on the set and who can blame her? We've been following the rumors of her romantic dates with John Mayer, but now we're hearing that Bradley Cooper may be giving John a little competition. Apparently he and Cameron have been dating and sending flirty text messages for the past couple of weeks. She was just named one of the most eligible bachelorettes so we're not surprised to hear about the many men that are interested in Cameron.

This could all just be the work of a great publicist since we're also hearing that Bradley may also be seeing Jennifer Aniston. Lucky man - Cameron AND Jennifer - WOW! Even more interesting is that all these rumors surface the same day his marriage to Jennifer Esposito is "dissolved." Hmmmm, should be interesting to see where this all ends up.

Source & Splash News Online