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Cameron Moves Past The Rage Phase

Jan 25 2007 - 12:07am

Cameron is clearly having a great time in Hawaii. When we see her like this it's hard to believe that she really blew up at Justin [0] just over a week ago for flirting with Jessica Biel after the Golden Globes. Now more details have emerged about Cameron's jealous rage when she saw the two together. Here's more: [1]

“Cameron was across the room giving them the evil eye,” says a party source. “It was like high school.”

Another witness says that pal Drew Barrymore even attempted to distract Diaz from her ex’s hookup-in-progress with Biel, “grabbing Cameron to dance, trying to make her have fun.”

“All of a sudden she just lost it,” says one of the many witnesses to the tantrum of Diaz. “She came up and started yelling at Jessica.”

According to a witness, Biel, 24, stepped away, leaving Diaz, 34, to unleash her fury on Timberlake, 25, who moved with her into a hallway.

Says a guest, “First she started saying all these nasty things to him about Jessica like, ‘What is she? Your new f—king girlfriend? Look at her!’ And then she insinuated things about other guys that Jessica has been with.”

The tirade went on for 45 minutes, until Barrymore finally intervened. Says a source, “Drew had to grab Cameron and say, ‘It’s enough.’”

Oof. Doesn't sound pretty but we understand how losing JT could incite hysteria in just about anyone. It's a good thing that Cammie got out of Hollywood for a bit. There's nothing like a famous, hot surfer boy to take your mind off a bad break-up.

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