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Cameron Weighs In On Paris' Jail Sentence

May 9 2007 - 12:04am

Only Cameron could pull off this overall skirt she wore to TRL this week. After seeing her at the Shrek the 3rd premiere [0] this weekend, it's clear she should stick to showing off those killer legs. Cameron's got Shrek on the front burner these days, but she always has time to weigh in on the important stories -- like Paris' jail sentence. Here's more: [1]


"People make bad choices and they make them for all different reasons and for whatever reason she made her bad choices, she's going to have to deal with it, period, and that's her journey."

The 'Shrek the Third' star continued: "She just has to get it plastered all over the world and [have] 10 helicopters around her house, which I live not too far from -- I was like, 'Can you keep it down?' So we all suffer when Paris suffers."

Even though Cameron has been known to party with Paris [1], I guess she gets upset when her weekends are ruined by those pesky helicopters.

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