Lindsay left her life in Utah far behind when she came back to LA over the weekend and got right back into her Cali life — shopping, tanning, stopping by Ken Paves to get that blonde touched up, you know how it is. LL spent her day filming Dare to Love Me at Millennium Dance Studio and then bounced off to the salon, ever present cigarette in tow. Oddly enough, the newest drama in LL's life isn't coming from her old friends, in fact it's still coming from that new man of hers, Riley. His ex-fiancée Bree didn't hold out her story for too long; in fact, she gabbed right away to the National Enquirer. She's rightfully angry and ready to say some nasty things about Lindsay, Riley, and her fake (CZ) engagement ring. Ouch. Maybe Riley's cleaned up and all that, but blech, is it so bad to hope he's out of the picture soon?

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Splash News Online, Source, Bauer-Griffin