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DJ Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler Are Just the Cutest Real-Life BFFs

Apr 2 2014 - 4:10pm

With Candace Cameron Bure competing on Dancing With the Stars, the actress is receiving tons of support from her former Full House costars — including her onscreen and real-life BFF, Andrea Barber. To the delight of DJ and Kimmy fans, Andrea (aka Kimmy Gibbler) has taken to social media to post pictures with not only Candace, but also Lori Loughlin (Aunt Becky) and Scott Weinger (Steve), who have joined the Full House cheering section. This isn't the first time Candace and Andrea have showed off their friendship on Instagram, though. The adorable duo regularly posts pictures of their lunch dates, their running adventures, and the Full House glory days. Their '90s throwback photos are what #tbt dreams are made of. As Candace continues to show off her dance moves week to week, take a look at why DJ and Kimmy are the cutest BFFs.

Source: Instagram user andreagarber [1]

They go to New Kids on the Block concerts together.

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Source: Instagram user candacecbure [3]

They team up for races and take jumping pictures.

Source: Instagram user candacecbure [4]

They post amazing #tbt pictures from the good old days.

Source: Instagram user candacecbure [5]

Including this bang-alicious gem.

Source: Instagram user andreabarber [6]

And this very '89 snap.

Source: Instagram user andreabarber [7]

And this cake.

Source: Instagram user andreabarber [8]

And Andrea's epic prom picture, with her date visiting the set.

Source: Instagram user andreabarber [9]

And THIS snapshot with their Growing Pains and Family Matters pals.

Source: Instagram user andreabarber [10]

Plus some priceless pictures of the whole Full House gang.

Source: Instagram user andreabarber [11]

Side note — they're real-life pals with the rest of the cast, too.

Source: Instagram user candacecbure [12]

And Candace regularly hangs out with Aunt Becky, aka Lori Loughlin.

Source: Instagram user candacecbure [13]

They even snapped this sweet picture during Candace's rehearsals.

Source: Instagram user candacecbure [14]

Let's not forget Steve, who's also supporting his onscreen other half.

Source: Instagram user andreabarber [15]

Oh, and just for fun, check out Candace's daughter, Natasha, who's apparently inherited the "star" gene.

Source: Instagram user candacecbure [16]

Bonus points for her cute impression of Candace.

Adorable, right?

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