Johnny Depp kept rockin those blue shades as he jetted from Disneyland to Japan to promote Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. It hasn't been quite the Spider-man 3 world tour - especially without Keira - but this latest installment will still most likely be huge at the box office. Even so, Johnny is still overshadowed in the eyes of two very important critics - his kids Lily Rose and Jack. He said, "I'd get in and say (in Jack Sparrow voice) 'All right kids, everything all right?' And they'd say, 'Dad, come on, I'm watching Spider-Man.' "Oh man, Spider-Man. My boy has gone into that full-on superhero phase. But I refuse to wear the tights."

Most kids would kill to have a pirate for a father, but it's pretty sweet that Johnny's kids are unimpressed. Looks like Johnny will just have to settle for being adored by millions of women worldwide instead.

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