Carey Mulligan in Vogue May 2013

Carey Mulligan Goes Great Gatsby and Talks Acting Success in Vogue

Carey Mulligan in Vogue's May 2013 issue.

Carey Mulligan channeled her Great Gatsby character, Daisy Buchanan, for the cover of Vogue's May issue, which is available on April 23. Inside the publication, she talked about working on the "exhausting and quite overwhelming" production in Australia and shared her excitement about her acting success. While waiting for the movie to hit theaters in May, Carey is also settling into her new home in London that she bought with her husband, Marcus Mumford. Here's more from Carey Mulligan in Vogue:

  • On moving into her new London home with husband Marcus Mumford: "I still haven't moved everything into my grown-up house. My mum and I were in my bedroom last night because that's where all my stuff went when I got back from Sydney. We were tearing through, trying to find it [her Gatsby workbook]. I had Marcus check at home. I think I've lost it."
  • On filming The Great Gatsby: "It was crazy and exhausting and quite overwhelming, the biggest, craziest production I've ever been involved in."
  • On her acting success: "It's unsettling that you get exactly what you wanted. Not like some version of it, not a slightly lesser version of it, but exactly. You're like: This is weird. It is weird."