Denise, Kristen, Kristin, and Julie Cooper (we're sure she actually has a real name, too) joined host Carmen Electra on the catwalk at last night's Max Factor Salutes Hollywood fashion show supporting the wonderful charity, Clothes Off Our Back. Unfortunately, it looks like Carmen took a bit of an embarrassing spill (we can't blame her -- those heels look intense), but it's super cute that by the end of the show all the girls removed their shoes and walked the runway barefoot anyway. We're sure the trip was no skin off Carmen's back (though maybe off her knees), because underneath all that gorgeous glamour, she's just a down to earth girl. Here's more:

I'm not so much about going out out so much anymore....To me, I get more excited to stay home. But I should probably get out a little bit more!"

Electra tells PEOPLE that since divorcing, she's passed on dating at clubs in favor of hanging with old friends. "I have a great group of friends that I've had for years," she says.

It's no surprise that after Carmen's extremely public relationship with Dave she'd rather stay in and hang out with some good girl friends.

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Images include: Carmen Electra, Denise Richards, Autumn Reeser, Kristin Cavallari, Kristen Bell, Melinda Clarke, Olivia Wilde.