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6 Times Carrie and Miranda Were Carrie and Miranda

Nov 5 2014 - 10:19am

While thinking about the epic country-girl chemistry between Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert [1], we couldn't help but wonder: what if Carrie and Miranda were that other Carrie and Miranda [2]? As we gear up to watch them together at Wednesday night's CMAs, here are a handful of times the country crooners were straight out of Sex and the City.

Source: Getty / Frazer Harrison [3]

1. When They Walked Into a Fancy Event Together

2. When They Sort of Coordinated Outfits

3. When One of Them Made an Excellent Point

4. When They Met Up For a Cute Chat

5. When They Belted Out a Tune Together

6. And When They Shared a Laugh

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