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The 411 on Cate Blanchett's "Darling" Husband

Feb 25 2014 - 2:14am
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One of the best parts of award season? Getting to see A-listers out and about with their better halves [2]. And as an extra bonus, the winners often give their significant others sentimental shout-outs in their acceptance speeches, providing fans with a sweet peek into their personal lives. Cate Blanchett did just that at the SAG Awards [3]. After winning for her performance in Blue Jasmine Cate thanked her husband, playwright Andrew Upton. She said, "Andrew, my darling, I wouldn't be up here without you."

That got us wanting to know more about the man behind the woman. Cate and Andrew, both Australians, have been married for 17 years — but they got engaged only three weeks after their first kiss! Despite that fast courtship, it was not love at first sight for the pair, who met on the set of a TV show in their home country. Last year on The Tonight Show, Cate told Jay Leno [4]: "He thought I was aloof and I thought he was arrogant." In the interview below, Cate recounts how that all changed. "He was in the middle of telling me how he was attracted to a friend of mine and then we just suddenly kissed and then he asked me to marry him three weeks later."

Cate shared her relationship philosophy with Marie Claire in 2008 [5]. She said: "Getting married is insanity; I mean, it's a risk — who knows if you're going to be together forever? But you both say, 'We're going to take this chance, in the same spirit.'" In the 17 years of marriage since taking the risk, they've lived in London and had three boys. Cate and Andrew eventually moved back to Sydney, where they collaborated together as joint artistic directors of the Sydney Theatre Company. See more of Cate and her own award season darling when you keep reading.

How cute were they at the SAG Awards?

In her SAG Award acceptance speech this year, Cate called her marriage to her "darling" Andrew one of her most important accomplishments.

Cate kept her eyes on her husband at the SAGs.

Cate and Andrew posed with their first child, Dashiell John, in December 2001.

Cate and Andrew moved back to Sydney to raise their family, after spending time in England.

In 2009, Cate and Andrew posed at the Sydney Theatre Company ahead of a new season.

Andrew was with Cate as she got her star on the Walk of Fame in 2008.

Sometimes Cate stars in plays put on by her husband, a playwright.

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