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Sofia Coppola, Emma Watson, and Crew Bring The Bling Ring to LA

Sofia Coppola, Emma Watson, and Crew Bring The Bling Ring to LA

A midriff-baring Gwen Stefani was by Gavin Rossdale's side at Tuesday night's LA premiere of The Bling Ring. Gavin joined Emma Watson, Taissa Farmiga, and the rest of the film's young cast for the debut, as did many members of director Sofia Coppola's family and inner circle — Francis Ford Coppola, Jason Schwartzman, Sofia's Somewhere leading man Stephen Dorff, and Chloë Sevigny among them. The crime drama is based on true events that took place around LA in 2008. The real "Bling Ring" used social media to track down celebrities' whereabouts and robbed their homes when they were out of town. Victims included Rachel Bilson, Miranda Kerr, and Paris Hilton, who allowed Sofia to shoot in her home to re-create the robberies that took place there. Yesterday, Paris told us seeing the movie was an "emotional" experience and said she never got an apology from any of the teens who stole from her.

Gavin Rossdale plays a shady club owner fencing the stolen goods, and when we talked to him this evening, he reflected on being a public figure living in LA during the real-life crime spree. He joked that the "16 Rottweilers" he shares with Gwen Stefani seemed to protect them from the robbers. Gavin also said that while the disaffected SoCal teens portrayed in the movie made him think about moving their two young sons to Montana, the Stefani-Rossdales aren't leaving LA anytime soon. Stay tuned for our interviews with Gavin, Paris, and more of The Bling Ring's stars on tomorrow's POPSUGAR Live!

— Additional reporting by Lindsay Miller

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