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36 of the Hottest Nude Magazine Covers, Hands Down

Jan 30 2016 - 11:00am

After seeing saucy snaps like Kim Kardashian's supersexy, fully nude cover photo [1] for Paper magazine and Zoe Saldana [2]'s pre-pregnancy stripdown for Women's Health UK, we got to thinking about how many other stars have gone totally naked — save for a few well-placed props — for racy spreads over the years. Because this kind of confidence really should be celebrated, we're highlighting 36 of the hottest magazine covers featuring sexy celebrities in their birthday suits; scroll through for our slightly NSFW roundup right now.

Pamela Anderson for Flaunt, September 2015

Kim Kardashian For Paper Magazine, Winter 2014

Zoe Saldana For Women's Health UK, September 2014

Source: Women's Health UK [3]

Jennifer Aniston For GQ, January 2009

Source: GQ [4]

Bar Refaeli For Esquire, July 2009

Source: Esquire [5]

Kate Hudson For InStyle, September 2001

Source: InStyle [6]

Beyoncé For Flaunt, July 2013

Source: Flaunt [7]

Adriana Lima For GQ, April 2008

Source: GQ [8]

Alexander Skarsgard, Anna Paquin, and Stephen Moyer For Rolling Stone, September 2010

Source: Rolling Stone [9]

Lake Bell For New York Magazine, August 2013

Source: NY Mag [10]

Miley Cyrus For W Magazine, March 2014

Source: W Magazine [11]

Kate Winslet For Vanity Fair Italia, December 2008

Source: Vanity Fair [12]

Brooke Shields For Rolling Stone, October 1996

Source: Rolling Stone [13]

Gisele Bündchen For Lui Magazine, May 2014

Source: Lui Magazine [14]

Pink For Who Magazine, June 2014

Source: Who Magazine [15]

Ciara For Vibe Magazine, October 2008

Source: Vibe [16]

Lana Del Rey For British GQ, December 2012

Source: British GQ [17]

Heidi Klum For German GQ, March 2009

Source: German GQ [18]

Kate Moss For Lui Magazine, March 2014

Source: Lui Magazine [19]

Kim Kardashian For W Magazine, November 2011

Source: W Magazine [20]

Lady Gaga For Rolling Stone, June 2009

Source: Rolling Stone [21]

Miranda Kerr For British GQ, May 2014

Source: British GQ [22]

Naomi Campbell For Love Magazine, February 2010

Source: Love Magazine [23]

Neil Patrick Harris For Rolling Stone, May 2014

Source: Rolling Stone [24]

Rihanna For Esquire, November 2011

Source: Esquire [25]

Kate Walsh For Shape, March 2012

Source: Shape [26]

Rachel Weisz For Esquire, April 2004

Source: Esquire [27]

Brooklyn Decker For Esquire, February 2011

Source: Esquire [28]

Serena Williams For ESPN the Magazine, July 2009

Source: ESPN [29]

The Dixie Chicks For Entertainment Weekly, May 2003

Source: EW [30]

Cindy Crawford For Esquire, August 1995

Source: Esquire [31]

Christina Aguilera For German GQ, June 2010

Source: German GQ [32]

Jada Pinkett Smith For Essence, July 2006

Source: Essence [33]

Julia Louis-Dreyfus For Rolling Stone, April 2014

Source: Rolling Stone [34]

Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson For Vanity Fair, March 2006

Source: Vanity Fair [35]

Adam Levine For Cosmopolitan UK, February 2011

OK, this wasn't exactly a cover — it was a centerfold [36] — but we just couldn't resist.

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