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35 of the Hottest Nude Magazine Covers, Hands Down

Jul 14 2015 - 10:00pm

After seeing saucy snaps like Kim Kardashian's supersexy, fully nude cover photo [1] for Paper magazine and Zoe Saldana [2]'s pre-pregnancy stripdown for Women's Health UK, we got to thinking about how many other stars have gone totally naked — save for a few well-placed props — for racy spreads over the years. Because this kind of confidence really should be celebrated, we're highlighting 35 of the hottest magazine covers featuring sexy celebrities in their birthday suits; scroll through for our slightly NSFW roundup right now.

Kim Kardashian For Paper Magazine, Winter 2014

Zoe Saldana For Women's Health UK, September 2014

Source: Women's Health UK [3]

Jennifer Aniston For GQ, January 2009

Source: GQ [4]

Bar Refaeli For Esquire, July 2009

Source: Esquire [5]

Kate Hudson For InStyle, September 2001

Source: InStyle [6]

Beyoncé For Flaunt, July 2013

Source: Flaunt [7]

Adriana Lima For GQ, April 2008

Source: GQ [8]

Alexander Skarsgard, Anna Paquin, and Stephen Moyer For Rolling Stone, September 2010

Source: Rolling Stone [9]

Lake Bell For New York Magazine, August 2013

Source: NY Mag [10]

Miley Cyrus For W Magazine, March 2014

Source: W Magazine [11]

Kate Winslet For Vanity Fair Italia, December 2008

Source: Vanity Fair [12]

Brooke Shields For Rolling Stone, October 1996

Source: Rolling Stone [13]

Gisele Bündchen For Lui Magazine, May 2014

Source: Lui Magazine [14]

Pink For Who Magazine, June 2014

Source: Who Magazine [15]

Ciara For Vibe Magazine, October 2008

Source: Vibe [16]

Lana Del Rey For British GQ, December 2012

Source: British GQ [17]

Heidi Klum For German GQ, March 2009

Source: German GQ [18]

Kate Moss For Lui Magazine, March 2014

Source: Lui Magazine [19]

Kim Kardashian For W Magazine, November 2011

Source: W Magazine [20]

Lady Gaga For Rolling Stone, June 2009

Source: Rolling Stone [21]

Miranda Kerr For British GQ, May 2014

Source: British GQ [22]

Naomi Campbell For Love Magazine, February 2010

Source: Love Magazine [23]

Neil Patrick Harris For Rolling Stone, May 2014

Source: Rolling Stone [24]

Rihanna For Esquire, November 2011

Source: Esquire [25]

Kate Walsh For Shape, March 2012

Source: Shape [26]

Rachel Weisz For Esquire, April 2004

Source: Esquire [27]

Brooklyn Decker For Esquire, February 2011

Source: Esquire [28]

Serena Williams For ESPN the Magazine, July 2009

Source: ESPN [29]

The Dixie Chicks For Entertainment Weekly, May 2003

Source: EW [30]

Cindy Crawford For Esquire, August 1995

Source: Esquire [31]

Christina Aguilera For German GQ, June 2010

Source: German GQ [32]

Jada Pinkett Smith For Essence, July 2006

Source: Essence [33]

Julia Louis-Dreyfus For Rolling Stone, April 2014

Source: Rolling Stone [34]

Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson For Vanity Fair, March 2006

Source: Vanity Fair [35]

Adam Levine For Cosmopolitan UK, February 2011

OK, this wasn't exactly a cover — it was a centerfold [36] — but we just couldn't resist.

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