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Celebrities Play Telephone for VF's Africa Issue

Celebrities Play Telephone for VF's Africa Issue

Bono was the guest editor for a very special July Issue of Vanity Fair and the topic at hand was Africa. Bono rallied his buddies, ranging from George Clooney to Jay-Z to President Bush to pose for twenty different covers which can be arranged in order to show them spreading the message by whispering in each other's ears. The idea for the issue came from Bono, who has been a huge philanthropist - specifically for Africa - for many years. He acted has a guest editor on the issue to help spread awareness and tell a story, saying, "It was my idea. I think if I wasn't a singer in a band, I probably would have been a journalist. I said I want to do an issue about Africa where the sense is Africa: an opportunity, Africa: an adventure," he said. "Not just a burden, which is the way people normally see it." These covers have definitely already caught our attention and we can only hope that the masses will follow suit to help spread Bono's important message around the world.

To check out all 20 covers and read more about the issue, just click here.


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