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Stars Pair Up For Double the SXSW Fun

Mar 11 2014 - 11:20am

The biggest names in film, TV, music, and tech are taking over Austin, TX, at the annual South by Southwest festival. So far, there were some fun pairings, including Paul Wesley [1] and his costar Emmy Rossum hanging out; his Vampire Diaries brother Ian Somerhalder [2] getting one degree of separation away from Kevin Bacon [3]; Zac Efron [4] joining Seth Rogen [5] for the premiere of their new film, Neighbors; Kristen Bell [6] premiering the Veronica Mars movie with her costars; Ashlee Simpson [7] supporting her fiancé, Evan Ross; and much more. And though Justin Bieber didn't show up with Selena Gomez [8] on his arm, he was also spotted performing at a showcase on Sunday, only a few days after his heated four-and-a-half-hour deposition on Thursday [9].

Keep reading to see the biggest events so far, and stay tuned for more!

Paul Wesley [10] and Emmy Rossum posed with their film Before I Disappear's writer, Shawn Christensen, on Monday.

Wes Anderson snapped a photo of Jason Schwartzman [11] on Monday.

Lena Dunham struck a pose on Monday before her Film Keynote speech.

After Justin Bieber's intense deposition on Thursday [12], he performed at his manager Scooter Braun's showcase on Sunday.

Jason Ritter, Maggie Grace, and Simon Helberg hung out together on Monday.

Paul Wesley [13] looked gorgeous on Monday.

On Monday, Nicolas Cage [14] got animated on stage.

Bill Cosby had fun on stage on Monday.

Diego Luna half-tackled his Cesar Chavez costar Michael Peña on Monday.

Elijah Wood [15] pointed at the crowd on Monday.

Emmy Rossum rocked black and white on Monday.

Rosario Dawson [16] hugged her costar Diego Luna on Monday.

Lena Dunham spoke during the Film Keynote on Monday.

T.J. Miller also took the stage on Sunday with his comedy.

Adam Pally did his best stand-up on Sunday.

Mike Myers [17] did his signature "Mini-Me" pinky pose from Austin Powers with Tom Arnold and Shep Gordon at their Supermensch premiere on Sunday.

Gillian Robespierre and Jenny Slate hung out before their Obvious Child premiere on Sunday.

Ashlee Simpson [18] supported her fiancé, Evan Ross, at his Q&A for The Wilderness of James on Sunday with his costar Isabelle Fuhrman.

Fred Armisen hosted an event on Sunday.

Kristen Bell [19] took a big group selfie before her screening on Saturday. Director and cowriter Rob Thomas and costars Percy Daggs, Enrico Colantoni, Chris Lowell, Ryan Hansen, and Jason Dohring all huddled for the shot.

Someone said something to make Zac Efron [20] burst out in laughter next to Seth Rogen [21] on Saturday.

Nicolas Cage [22] posed for a photo with Rosario Dawson [23] at the premiere of Joe on Sunday.

Matt Bomer mastered the dressy-casual look for the Space Station 76 premiere on Saturday.

Adam Pally, Anne Fulenwider, and Ike Barinholtz joined Mindy Kaling for her chat about working in TV on Sunday.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange participated in a panel discussion via video conference on Saturday.

Zac Efron [24], Seth Rogen [25], and Dave Franco were all smiles on Saturday.

Jason Bateman [26] laughed during a chat on Saturday.

Kathryn Hahn got some fresh air at a Q&A after the Bad Words premiere on Saturday.

Neighbors costars Seth Rogen [27], Zac Efron [28], and Christopher Mintz-Plasse had an engaging chat at the Funny or Die Clubhouse and Facebook Pop-Up headquarters on Saturday.

Olivia Munn attended a panel on Saturday.

Kristen Bell [29] buddied up with Veronica Mars director and cowriter Rob Thomas on Saturday.

Olivia Munn and Seth Meyers took the stage together on Saturday.

Ethan Hawke [30] promoted Predestination on Saturday.

Kristen Bell [31] and Krysten Ritter both donned colorful patterns at the Veronica Mars event on Saturday.

Zac Efron [32] flashed his boyish grin at the Neighbors event on Saturday.

The Cesar Chavez cast all posed together on Monday.

Ian Somerhalder [33] and Kevin Bacon [34] posed on Saturday.

Tina Majorino and Krysten Ritter attended the Veronica Mars movie premiere on Saturday.

Ian Somerhalder [35] showed off his arms at the Funny or Die Clubhouse and Facebook Pop-Up headquarters on Saturday.

Patrick Wilson flashed his smile at the Space Station 76 premiere on Saturday.

Wilmer Valderrama [36] attended a Q&A for his new show, From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, on Saturday.

Mindy Kaling gave her take on television at an event on Sunday.

The Funny or Die Clubhouse and Facebook Pop-Up headquarters is decorated with a cardboard cutout of Zac Efron [37] and Seth Rogen [38]!

Billy Eichner took the stage on Monday.

Kristen Bell [39] and Krysten Ritter posed in a photo booth on Saturday.

Josh Hartnett [40] wore his glasses to the Penny Dreadful Q&A on Sunday.

Ike Barinholtz got in on the Neighbors fun on Saturday.

Tilda Swinton addressed the audience at the Only Lovers Left Alive Q&A on Saturday.

Spike Lee took the mic at the Evolution of a Criminal event on Saturday.

Jason Ritter smiled while speaking with the crowd gathered at the Wild Canaries Q&A on Saturday.

Jason Bateman [41] and Kathryn Hahn were some of the first celebrities to check out the Funny or Die Clubhouse and Facebook Pop-Up headquarters.

Tilda Swinton was all smiles while fielding questions in front of an audience on Saturday.

Kristen Bell [42] greeted fans outside the premiere of the Veronica Mars movie.

Nicolas Cage [43] posed for a serious selfie with a fan on Sunday.

Juliette Lewis donned her leather jacket for the Hellion premiere on Sunday.

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