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Jimmy Fallon's First Tonight Show Week Is Full of Stars

Feb 21 2014 - 9:52am

Monday was a big night for Jimmy Fallon [1], as he took the reins as host of his first Tonight Show. Jimmy had plenty of support for his debut, with Kim Kardashian [2], Lindsay Lohan [3], Tina Fey [4], and Sarah Jessica Parker [5] all joining in on the fun for his $100 bet skit [6]. The star power kept coming with his first guest, Will Smith [7], who helped him dance through the "Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing," [8] and U2, who performed at Top of the Rock. Jimmy's still bringing star power; Tuesday night he had Jerry Seinfeld [9] and Kristen Wiig — who dressed up like Harry Styles [10] — join him in front of the cameras, and Wednesday was all about Bradley Cooper [11], Emma Thompson [12], and Tim McGraw [13]. Thursday brought Will Ferrell [14] and First Lady Michelle Obama, who were game for an appearance on Jimmy's series "Ew!" [15]. Scroll down to see all the stars so far and get excited for Justin Timberlake [16]'s appearance tonight!

Sarah Jessica Parker

Stephen Colbert

Bradley Cooper

Seth Rogen

Tracy Morgan

Emma Thompson and Tim McGraw

Lindsay Lohan

Jerry Seinfeld

Tina Fey

Will Smith

Kristen Wiig

Mariah Carey

Kim Kardashian

Mike Tyson

Joan Rivers

Robert De Niro

Will Ferrell

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