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Celebrity Guess Who 2010-08-26 17:30:00

Guess Who Just Got Her Hair Done?

It's time to get guessing!

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Guess who was spotted leaving a salon?
Rebecca Romijn
Kristin Cavallari
Hilary Duff
Drew Barrymore
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Guess who's using binoculars under his hat?
Channing Tatum
Ryan Reynolds
Spencer Pratt
Dane Cook
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Guess who's out shopping?
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Eva Longoria
Kourtney Kardashian
Sandra Bullock
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Guess who's getting a note from a fan?
Pierce Brosnan
George Clooney
Hugh Jackman
Antonio Banderas
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Guess who's running errands in spandex?
Felicity Huffman
Kate Gosselin
Brittany Snow
Heather Locklear
Guess Who's Stripping Down to Her Bikini?
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Guess Who's Stripping Down to Her Bikini?

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