Celebrity Guess Who Game 2010-09-28 17:00:00

Guess Who's Being Swarmed by Fans?

It's time to get guessing! Good luck!

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Guess who's wearing red in a swarm of fans?
Miranda Kerr
Selena Gomez
Ashley Greene
Lea Michele
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Guess who has an appointment?
Sarah Jessica Parker
Rachel Bilson
Kate Hudson
Gisele Bundchen
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Guess who's walking her dog?
Ashley Olsen
Kylie Minogue
Gwyneth Paltrow
Naomi Watts
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Guess who's locking up her bike?
Jessica Alba
Olivia Wilde
Ashlee Simpson
Blake Lively
Guess Who Went Shirtless at the Beach?
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Guess Who Went Shirtless at the Beach?