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Celebrity Guess Who Game 2010-11-30 17:00:15

Guess Which Shirtless Guy Is on the Beach With a Baby?

It's a special edition of guess who! Good luck!

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Who's holding onto a baby at the beach?
Matt Damon
Lance Armstrong
Tom Brady
Ryan Phillippe
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Who's wearing a warm hat and puffy vest?
LeAnn Rimes
Kate Hudson
Michelle Williams
Sarah Jessica Parker
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Who's pumping gas?
Sienna Miller
Heidi Klum
Nicky Hilton
Emma Roberts
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Who's running errands?
Zach Braff
Joe Jonas
Taylor Lautner
Cory Monteith
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Who's caught in a flurry of snow?
Elle Macpherson
Nicole Kidman
Hilary Swank
Jessica Biel
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Who's wearing bright pink?
Kellie Pickler
Tori Spelling
Kelly Osbourne
Paris Hilton
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Who's headed to the gym?
Molly Sims
Blake Lively
Whitney Port
Rebecca Romijn
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