Celebrity Guess Who Game 2011-02-24 17:15:00

Guess Who's Sitting on the Floor at the Airport?

It's that time again! Let's get guessing!

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Guess who's picking up her luggage?
Lauren Conrad
Rachel Bilson
Dianna Agron
Emma Roberts
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Guess who's wearing her long hair down?
Blake Lively
Cat Deeley
Kirsten Dunst
Carrie Underwood
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Guess who's hanging out behind a newspaper stand?
Christina Ricci
Mandy Moore
Jessica Stroup
Maggie Gyllenhaal
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Guess who's leaving yoga?
Michael C. Hall
Bradley Cooper
Eric Dane
Channing Tatum
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Guess who's on a shopping spree?
Mila Kunis
Demi Moore
Audrina Patridge
Denise Richards
Guess Who Dove Into a Pile of Garbage?
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Guess Who Dove Into a Pile of Garbage?