Celebrity Guess Who Game 2011-03-21 16:45:00

Guess Who's Sharing a Fond Farewell?

Let's kick this week off right!

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Guess who's giving a friend a goodbye hug?
Alec Baldwin
Jude Law
Russell Crowe
Robert De Niro
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Guess who's shopping in a printed dress?
Kristin Davis
Cindy Crawford
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Stephanie Seymour
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Guess who's wearing a great, big green coat?
Marcia Cross
Debra Messing
Alyson Hannigan
Kate Walsh
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Guess who's touching down in a hat?
Malin Akerman
Blake Lively
LeAnn Rimes
Kate Gosselin
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Guess who's heading to a party?
Kate Bosworth
Nicky Hilton
Emma Roberts
Claire Danes
Guess Who's Wearing an Enormous Diamond Ring?
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Guess Who's Wearing Enormous Sunglasses?