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Celebrity Guess Who Game 2011-04-01 16:45:00

Guess Who's Filling Up For the Weekend?

Happy Friday! Let's guess!

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Guess who's at the gas station?
Carrie Underwood
Nicky Hilton
Emma Roberts
Christina Applegate
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Guess who's shading her eyes?
Kelly Rutherford
Alicia Silverstone
Claire Danes
Piper Perabo
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Guess who's at the ATM?
Scott Caan
Mark Wahlberg
Patrick Dempsey
Sean Penn
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Guess who's sipping on a cold drink?
Holly Madison
Paris Hilton
Marisa Miller
Malin Akerman
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Guess who's rolling her luggage through the airport?
Milla Jovovich
Brooke Shields
Marisa Tomei
Teri Hatcher
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