Happy hump day! Time to get playing.

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Guess who found a new purpose for a mailbox?
Michael Douglas
Richard Gere
Al Pacino
Dustin Hoffman
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Guess who was dressed darkly for dinner?
Pierce Brosnan
Keanu Reeves
Brad Pitt
Dylan McDermott
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Guess who chatted with Michael Cera?
Matt LeBlanc
John Slattery
Billy Bob Thornton
Tony Danza
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Guess who hopped into his SUV?
John Goodman
Elton John
Eric Stonestreet
Ricky Gervais
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Guess who got a hug from Jonah Hill?
Ian Somerhalder
Justin Long
Rob Lowe
Eric Bana
Test Your Knowledge of Hollywood's Rachels — Bilson, Zoe and McAdams! 2011-01-12 17:11:31
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