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12 Celebs Who Can't Contain Their Muscles

Jul 31 2014 - 1:29pm

We've been looking at muscles a lot this week, and it's mostly because there were so many beautiful arms at Comic-Con [1]. Thanks to those and all the other hot actors we saw [2], we came across a startling realization: there are a lot of muscles in Hollywood, and the stars who own them have a lot of trouble containing them. We've already gotten an in-depth look at Chris Evans's muscle containment problems [3], so keep scrolling for 11 more guys who have the exact same struggle.

Here's Joe Manganiello and his biceps, which are actually strangling his sleeves.

If they could speak, they'd ask for help.

Here, you can practically hear Mark Wahlberg's tank top whimpering.

Bonus: he can't even pull off that jacket. He just can't.

Chris Pratt's trying desperately to button his jacket with little to no success.

And the jacket's like, "Haha, nice try."

At this point, Ryan Gosling's shirt sleeves are ready to give up.

Don't try to contain Ryan Gosling [4]'s biceps. Just don't.

The Rock wasn't sure if this shirt would fit, so he MADE it fit.

Let's have a moment of silence for this shirt.

Kellan Lutz once wore this sweater, and it's probably still recovering from containing that much muscle.

"Please, just give me some space."

When you combine Nick Jonas's arms and shoulders, you get one seriously unhappy shirt.

"Don't ever do this to me again."

After this day with Chris Evans, that shirt was changed forever.

That shirt will literally never be the same.

This shirt pretty much gave up after being on Chris Hemsworth.

It doesn't even care anymore.

After Bradley Cooper seriously bulked up, his entire wardrobe shuddered.

None of his shirts signed up for this.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson's sleeves thought the best escape route was back the way they came.

But in reality, there is no escape.

Zac Efron's shirt didn't even know what it was in for.

It soon realized it made a terrible mistake.

And here's a bonus shot of Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Chris Evans congratulating each other.

"Hey bro, congrats on your giant muscles."
"Thanks, haha."

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