Celebrity Instagram Pictures | Jan. 23, 2014

Do a Double Take With This Week's Crop of Cute Candids

Do a Double Take With This Week's Crop of Cute Candids

Between getting gussied up for the red carpet and bundling up against the polar vortex, celebrities on both coasts were sharing their sweet, silly snaps on social media. Gwen Stefani was glowing in an adorable baby bump picture, while Lena Dunham got a personalized clutch to rival Anna Gunn's Breaking Bad bag, and Jessica Alba celebrated the second anniversary of her Honest Company with a cute cake. Jessica and Ashlee Simpson got together to ring in their mom Tina's birthday, while fellow famous sisters Hilary and Haylie Duff shared a sweet selfie while cooking. Both Debra Messing and Vanessa Hudgens had fangirl reactions to meeting Meryl Streep this week, while Nicky Hilton got up close and personal with lemurs during a trip to Miami. Also: try not to crack up at Drake's spot-on Lil Wayne costume on the set of SNL, and good luck telling Lady Gaga and Donatella Versace apart.

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