Celebrity Instagram Pictures | May 9, 2013

Cute Candids Celebrities Shared This Week

Cute Candids Celebrities Shared This Week

Now that the Met Gala has wrapped, stars are back to work, play, and spending time with loved ones — and sharing all of their cute candid moments through social media. Miranda Kerr headed to a Great Gatsby screening and shared a photo of her very chic 3D glasses, while Ashley Benson showed some skin — and not in the good way. Stella McCartney was sandwiched between close pals Chris Martin and Jay-Z, and Sienna Miller laid a smooch on her model friend Cara Delevingne. Also inside: Carly Rae Jepsen's fiery new 'do, Rihanna's postgig gifts, and Bar Refaeli's early-morning workout.

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