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Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Week of April 25, 2011

Think you studied up on all this week's celebrity news? Test your knowledge with our quiz!

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Which star played the role of bridesmaid in her brother's wedding?
Carey Mulligan
Keira Knightley
Sienna Miller
Kate Moss
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In which German city did Robert Pattinson pose with an elephant statue at the Water For Elephants premiere?
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Which star described her style saying, "I wear my fiancé's Yale hoodie and a pair of sweat shorts that have been cut off, and Uggs, and Hanky Pankies, little pair of panties, you know?"?
Kristin Cavallari
Kate Hudson
Kristen Bell
Jessica Simpson
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Where did Kate Middleton spend her final night as an unmarried woman?
Goring Hotel
Windsor Castle
Westminster Abbey
Her parents' home
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Which star introduced her new puppy, Harley, via Twitter?
Julianne Hough
Nicole Richie
Katy Perry
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Who arrived with Courteney Cox to an Easter party in Malibu?
David Arquette
Jennifer Aniston
Sheryl Crow
Josh Hopkins
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What new hair color did Blake Lively debut?
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Katie Holmes attended a lunch at the Chateau Marmont for which American retailer?
Ann Taylor
Ralph Lauren
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Kate Hudson's engagement ring is reportedly worth how much?
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What prize are we giving away for entering your votes into this year's PopSugar100?
Chanel bag
Hermès Kelly bag
Vintage Rolex watch
All of the above
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