Celebrity News Quiz Week of July 18, 2011

Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Week of July 18, 2011

Have you been paying attention this week? Let's find out!

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What did Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner name their daughter?
Lily Alexandra
Arabella Rose
Parker Neiman
Poppy Lexington
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Mila Kunis revealed to Jimmy Fallon she's addicted to which TV genre?
Reality shows
Game shows
Talk shows
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What did David Beckham have stitched into his soccer cleats?
"Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, Harper"
"Love Victoria"
"Kick ass!"
"Go, fight, win"
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Which actor was spotted getting a ride in the backseat of John Krasinksi and Emily Blunt's car?
George Clooney
Steve Carell
Jason Segel
Jeremy Renner
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Who told Complex magazine that she's "very comfortable in the throne."?
Beyoncé Knowles
Jennifer Lopez
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Lauren Conrad stepped out to party with which bag designer this week?
Rebecca Minkoff
Alexander Wang
Kate Spade
Nicole Richie
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Who shaved his head for a new role?
Tom Cruise
Brad Pitt
Matt Damon
Zac Efron
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Which actress was the guest of honor at her Lucky magazine cover party?
Minka Kelly
Jessica Alba
Sofia Vergara
Eva Longoria
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What Breaking Dawn scene did Kristen Stewart call her favorite in the film?
A moment with Charlie before the wedding
The wedding night
Bella finding out she's pregnant
Walking down the aisle
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Where in the world did Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth fly to for their honeymoon?
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