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Celebrity Quiz Game 2011-05-06 17:05:19

Guess Who Flashed a Peace Sign?

TGIF — time to play!

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Guess who gave peace a chance?
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Nicole Scherzinger
Vanessa Hudgens
Jordana Brewster
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Guess who eyed a box of chocolates?
Michael Cera
John Krasinski
Andy Samberg
Andrew Garfield
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Guess who wore a ponytail?
Eva Longoria
Penelope Cruz
Miranda Cosgrove
Kim Kardashian
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Guess who is hiding behind her long blond hair?
Lindsay Lohan
Paris Hilton
Taylor Momsen
Britney Spears
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Guess who went for a windy walk?
Sofia Coppola
Marion Cotillard
Keira Knightley
Jessica Biel
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