Celebrity Quiz Game 2011-05-11 16:44:53

Guess Who Is Caught in a Liplock?

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Guess who ended lunch with a kiss?
Katharine McPhee
Katherine Heigl
Charlize Theron
Sharon Stone
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Guess who donned black and blond hair?
Lady Gaga
Taylor Momsen
Katy Perry
Kat Von D
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Guess who balanced a phone call and a drink?
John Cusack
Tobey Maguire
Nick Jonas
Kevin Jonas
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Guess who is browsing in a decor store?
Bethenny Frankel
Jordana Brewster
Selma Blair
Camilla Belle
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Guess who said goodbye after dinner?
Guy Ritchie
Colin Firth
Liam Neeson
Daniel Day-Lewis
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