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Guess Whose Dress Left Little to the Imagination?

Happy Friday — time to play!

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Guess who went completely backless?
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Renée Zellweger
Rachel McAdams
Kelly Ripa
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Guess who flashed her pink undies?
Sienna Miller
Mischa Barton
Greta Gerwig
Britney Spears
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Guess who hit the gym?
Laura Dern
Gwyneth Paltrow
Uma Thurman
January Jones
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Guess who is in puppy love?
John Krasinski
Ian Somerhalder
Jerry O'Connell
Gerard Butler
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Guess who escorted a tall blond pal to a tattoo parlor?
Rob Dyrdek
Benji Madden
Vin Diesel
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Guess who held a baby at a park?
Rebecca Gayheart
Denise Richards
Lauren Conrad
Jessica Biel
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