Celebrity Quiz Game 2011-06-14 16:42:58

Guess Which Shirtless Guy Took an Afternoon Dip?

Happy Tuesday! Time for a quiz

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Guess who suited up for a swim?
Josh Hartnett
Eric Bana
Russell Brand
Adrien Brody
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Guess who whore a tight white dress?
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Lopez
Lauren Conrad
Carmen Electra
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Guess who got a hug from Mark Ballas?
Kim Kardashian
Eva Longoria
Jordana Brewster
Penelope Cruz
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Guess who looked back?
Jude Law
Kevin Spacey
Hugh Laurie
Liev Schreiber
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Guess who wore her NASCAR pride?
Kristin Cavallari
Renée Zellweger
Nicole Richie
Carrie Underwood
Celebrity Quiz Game 2011-06-13 16:39:07
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