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How Your Summer Stacked Up Against the Celebrities'

Sep 1 2014 - 11:41am

It kind of goes without saying that celebrity vacations [1] are lavish, luxurious, and over the top. Like, come on. Rachel Bilson [2] and Hayden Christensen [3] were in Barbados [4] for almost a month. Beyoncé shares snaps of her tropical escapes [5] on a nearly weekly basis. And Kim Kardashian [6] has been taking so many bikini snaps [7] in Mexico, we've almost lost count. Sure, we might have had Summer vacation plans of our own, but we've pretty much resigned ourselves to the fact that they pale in comparison to all those celebrity vacations [8]. That being said, we're going to drive the point home, so keep scrolling to see just how different things are.

Source: Instagram user acovey [9], Tumblr user Beyoncé Knowles [10], Instagram user ninadobrev [11], Instagram user hannah_joyy7 [12]

Celebrities: Have Successful, Sexy Ice Bucket Challenges

You: End Up Being One of Those Infamous Ice Bucket Challenge Fails

Celebrities: Tread Water on Fancy Flyboards

You: Tread Water on Your Rad Boogie Board

Source: Instagram user acovey [13]

Celebrities: Get Wild in Barbados

Source: Instagram user badgalriri [14]

You: Get Wild at Bar Bados, That Dive Bar Down the Street

Source: Instagram user lalabaldini [15]

Celebrities: Relax on Yachts

Source: Tumblr user Beyoncé Knowles [16]

You: Play Yahtzee With Your Mom

Source: Instagram user jamison0313 [17]

Celebrities: Shoot Down Waterslides in the Middle of the Ocean Off Their Yachts

You: Shoot Down Waterslides in the Middle of Hurricane Harbor, Once the Employee Says It's OK

Source: Instagram user lovelymms2288 [18]

Celebrities: Take Flawless Jumping Selfies

Source: Instagram user lupitanyongo [19]

You: Try to Take Jumping Selfies, With Less Success

Source: Instagram user hannah_joyy7 [20]

Celebrities: Take Stunning Shots of Infinity Pools

Source: Instagram user msleamichele [21]

You: Take Stunning Shots of You Fitting Into a Kiddie Pool

Source: Instagram user pa1oma [22]

Celebrities: Visit Tropical Beaches on Remote Islands

Source: Tumblr user Beyoncé Knowles [23]

You: Visit Local Beaches Filled With Other People

Source: Instagram user lucas__braga [24]

Celebrities: Do Yoga on a Dock by a Crystal-Clear Lake

Source: Instagram user ninadobrev [25]

You: Do Yoga in Your Living Room by the TV With a Crystal-Clear Display

Source: Instagram user Sandra_Thornburg [26]

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