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Celebrity or Wax Figure Quiz

Real Life or Wax Figure? Play Now!

Sometimes celebrity wax figures are so uncanny, they're almost too real. Even with the celebrity right next to them, we still sometimes can't tell them apart. Are you rolling your eyes right now? Do you think it's that easy? Scroll down and take this quiz to see if you can really spot who's real and who's not. Source: Getty

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Real Life or Wax Figure? Play Now!
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1 JohnnyGaga JohnnyGagaScore: 27
2 tinyshiny tinyshinyScore: 27
3 LazerKitty LazerKittyScore: 26
4 Maggie-Pehanick Maggie-PehanickScore: 26
5 Community-Assistant Community-AssistantScore: 26
6 maiirs maiirsScore: 26
7 BabyNorbert BabyNorbertScore: 26
8 Maria-Mercedes-Lara Maria-Mercedes-LaraScore: 26
9 Randy-Miller Randy-MillerScore: 26
10 Lauren-Turner Lauren-TurnerScore: 26
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